Sew done

Had a bit more energy today, colder outside (+inside) and windy = I managed to get some of those fabrics done that I threatened to zigzag etc. yesterday. Well, the fun bits anyway, such as the saori jacket, not weaving in ends on my sweater. Most boring task in the world. The vest works great under an oversized, ruined (as in I got paint on it) sweater for keeping me warmer.

A couple of sneak peeks (and pssst – I did paint a teeny bit too! It’s difficult to dive back in, though, as I haven’t been in any kind of flow yet to just pick it up where I left, so I started something new)

4 tanker om “Sew done

    1. 😀

      I was trying to make it look windblown and huddled, but it was difficult at that scale.

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