Head on fire

One of the advantages of being a backyard photographer is that you can catch the sun, go shoot a few test images, check them on the computer and then go back out to take more (unless the sun hides in the mean time, like right now).

I really, really would like to have a set of neutral density filters for summer (but can’t fine one the right diameter), it can get way too bright if you want to keep your aperture open. (for non-photogeeks that’s a grey filter you put in front of your lens to let in less light, making you able to blur the background to your liking. And I happen to like very blurry backgrounds. If you don’t do this you will instead have very overexposed = too bright images. Lesson for the day!)

But now I have a photo of a poppy center bit so perhaps I can finish that painting from last year!

Right, sun is back, I’ll see if I can do a second run to improve these samples.


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