According to my calculations

…since my shuttle is empty, I must be round about halfway through my rainbow blanket. Perhaps more?


I do have more mini skeins, they are all twins or triplets however, so I think I shall have to dye some new ones. What fun! The variegated yarns don’t show all their glory with the uniform warp, especially since I also decided to try out a closer sett (more threads per inch/cm) – probably not the project to do that, but I’ve been told to think less and just do, right? 😉

I can’t remember the blanket as it disappears around the cloth beam, so it will be interesting when I get to cut off and unroll.


As I was hemstitching I noticed I’d missed a thread in one hole, so I thought it would be fun to try a little fix. Then much later I saw that I’d also threaded two into one slot, but by then I couldn’t care less, I’d already woven a fair bit. I make mistakes anyway, weaving in too dark without reading glasses = sticky warp threads go unnoticed and suddenly you’ve skipped a couple.

5 meter warp thread in the canister and nuts to add tension

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  1. Looks to me like it will be a magnificent blanket, and who will notice a few skipped warps? Have to say weaving looks insanely complex to me!

    1. I keep discovering colour interactions and even the look of skipped threads that I’d like to investigate further. I think I’ll have to build a mini loom simply for doing such experiments. I’m sure it’s all described in books, but doing it is so different.

  2. Hi Pia,
    Beautiful! I love that there is some surprise to the finish product…….serendipity and with the gorgeous yarn you spun, a beautiful blanket for sure.

    1. Thanks – I can’t claim the spinning though, just most of the dyeing! I also enjoy that this will be a surprise rather than planned, I just like seeing the different colours interact.

  3. Åh, hvor er det flot. Jeg glæder mig til at se det færdiget. Har du det også sådan at forarbejde og efterbehandling tager længere tid end den egentlige vævning?

    1. Ja til det sidste. ^^’ Har stadig ikke fået syet de halsrør af mit første væveri selvom det ene er en gave. Det haster ligesom ikke så meget rent vejrmæssigt! Jeg har også et andet stykke vævet stof som skal blive en tunika, og ja, jeg fik presset det, og så gik jeg videre med næste!

      1. I don’t know, Pia. I love woven fabric, love it, but looking at those hundred billionty warp threads and thinking about keeping track of weaving patterns over and under all of them makes me twitch. So I just had to be sure you were having fun and not huddled in a corner somewhere. Which is were you’d find me if I were trying to weave like that. 😛

        1. Really, it’s just back and forth. I haven’t gotten to all that advanced stuff yet.

          But I think I may like it more than knitting. Although I have plans to combine…

          1. You know, a jacket with woven fabric on top or bottom half and the other half knitted onto that, crochet edges, that sort of thing.

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