6 months fitness update

Official start date: December 2016. Goal: to battle fatigue and pains, dial body shape back 5 years. That’s minus 25% body weight and/or measurements whichever comes first.

6 months later I had hoped to report being halfway, but: 7 kg lost, 1 trouser size. That’s roughly 10%. 9-10 kg/15% to go and 8 cm around the hip for my 2013 form. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, it’s not like I’m trying to turn the clock back 30 years. (I weighed just 42 kg when I was 20, hard to believe now!)

Still mostly doing the 5-2 diet, 1500/400 kalories, “party” on weekends. I guess you could call it a 2-3-2 diet, but it’s become more fluid and flexible over time, less actual fasting, more tiny meals instead.

Visual highlight of the month: fat rolls overhanging knees and elbows are (nearly) gone!

Exercise has been slowly stepped up and that means I do have some capability to build muscle after all, huge surprise. I have the same pains and same fatigue as before but I feel more agile, so I’ll just keep trundling on with my current program. Left knee is shot, I can’t do anything that puts weight on the knee cap for even a second, ice packs frequently happen to let me sleep after a crosstrainer day. Still working on rotator cuffs and back. My left leg falls asleep (the one with the pinched sciatic nerve from slipped disc) when I sit in a certain way, I have no idea why, since it was supposed to have healed, but whatever. As long as I can climb my studio ladders.

And now I think I’ll spare you any further updates until I actually meet my goals, as it’s becoming much the samesame every time. 😉

* Party usually means I can have cake.

5 thoughts on “6 months fitness update

  1. It takes so much mental energy to do the diet thing, I think. We’ve been at it 4 months in our house. I really like the idea of cake day, a respite, a breather, a sigh of relief for getting through the week. And something to look forward to. So, good job you. 6 months is a long time to expend all that mental and physical energy!

    1. I really don’t enjoy thinking about cooking. I want to eat healthy, I even like it and prefer it, but I seem to only have a certain amount of creativity, not in number of ideas but in number of topics. And I want to save all of them for yarn and paint, LOL!

  2. You have to think on the positive side, its better to lose weight slowly, you are much less likely to put it back on. I went on a diet with my husband when he needed to lose weight, it took about six months, a while back admittedly but now we both weigh more than we did before we started.

    1. Yes – my husband also lost a lot of weight some years back and gained it all back – now it’s not coming off as easily. And while it would be nice to be done with it, the truth is I never will. It’s exercise forever and ever or else…

      I don’t actually know how much FAT I lost, since I don’t have a scale which shows that. I could have lost more than I think because I gained some muscle? Not all that much however or it would show more on my clothes.

      The main thing really is that I FEEL lighter. I feel I move differently. Whatever is in the mirror is – whatever.

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