3/21 days – Latest WIP

What does she mean, latest WIP?! Who on earth has just one or even two, three, fewer than 10? What about all the ones in my head!? I can see I’m just not going to have it easy with this challenge, overall. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I decided to split my wipS into two groups: the ones that I’m currently working on and know in a fairly lacksadaisical way where they are going and the ones that are on hold until they speak to me again. With a tentative Junk group of canvasses that are currently ruined and in disgrace.

So using that distinction, groups 2 and 3 are UFOs, unfinished objects, not WIPS, since they’re anything but progressing. They are however also a lot more interesting to talk about somehow.

In the end I simply put emphasis on “latest” and took a photo of the last canvas I literally laid hands on. It doesn’t remotely resemble anything else that I’m working on, I must have caught a spring fever with all the flowers bursting across the landscape. (we have about 70 meters of lilac hedges on the property) And as usual when I try out a new surface or medium, I find myself stumped and too careful. This very scruffy surface makes it difficult to make any sweeping or large brush strokes as I’m used to. Apparently restraints on my movements also bind my imagination somehow. But I try to be as random as possible and time will tell if it ends up completely off balance or simply dull.

21 days in my artworld challenge with Tara Leaver

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