7/21 days – Colour palette

This could refer to the surface you mix your paint on, or groups of colours that you feel go well together. I use paper plates or a couple of plexiglas/perspex squares, one gets thrown out, the other gets scraped off, so that’s quite dull to talk about, let’s move on to colour, my favourite stimulant. (I do admit to sometimes saving a plate for a little while if it has a good combo, but mostly I throw them out when they get too bumpy)

Would it surprise you that I have a todo list of colour palettes to work on, besides my humongous project idea list? I’m addicted to colour! And another separate list of colourways for my weaving… I give them names such as “monk”, “medieval”, “viking”, “gypsy” etc. Yes, very serious about my colours.

Lucky for you I don’t have ready photos of all of them, so I’ll just share some recent favourite colours. Teal. Prussian blue. Any green/blue. But I have a thing for burnt oranges too, vibrant and transparent, and I’m warming up to purples for some reason. You won’t catch me dead wearing the latter however. Quinacridone magenta is on my trial list at the moment, but for some reason I forgot to take a photo of something for today.


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