Warp speed

In case y’all wondered just how fast that really is, I can tell you it’s right around snail pace.

Spent a couple of hours last night threading the heddle with those colourful warp chains, then I had to finish making dinner so it went up on the wall to be cat safe. Getting some use out of my homemade adjustable warping board too.


Needless to say, I’ve been rather dreading how to get this mess wound on straight to begin weaving! I’m as yet undecided whether I’ll be making squares with black lines intersecting or use a more wabi sabi saori approach. I’ll know when I see the first passes. Maybe. There will be three panels that are to be joined side by side, but even if I think I do make even squares there really is no guarantee they will match up completely at this point in my journey. Rigid heddle looms are not the most precise creatures I suspect.

Now, since I did not get it done over the weekend, I was debating whether to try this on my own or wait for an assistant. My immediate response is usually the former, but it’s not always a wise choice. 😉 But it was preying on my mind, distracting me from my other tasks of the day, so I thought I could at least tie it to the beam.

huge messy warp!
the end!

Now it’s 3.30 pm, I’m knackered, the house needs tidying, the dog needs walking, so the loom is back on the wall and I hope to get back to my paints during the week. I just wanted to have a project started that doesn’t need as much light, quiet and equilibrium. Well, it’s started!