My new studio

… has huge windows with an amazing view of the countryside and forest, running hot/cold water, a stove for dyeing and no end of large worktables, handy storage solutions, lots of floor space too as well as a reading corner, couch, and of course looks really pretty (although probably messy, knowing herself well). Light, airy and absolutely perfect for my every need.

Never mind what the rest of the house looks like, I’ll only visit it rarely and briefly. šŸ˜‰ (actually that’s not true, I do have a lot of ideas about what my dream house looks like. And the garden. And the location.)

I don’t think that’s too much to ask, so I am. With colour and doodles and fairy glitter on top.

I need storage space for:

  • yarn and wool
  • paints of various types and brushes
  • all sorts of scraps and doodads for collage
  • tools, scissors, stamps, glues
  • fabric for dyeing, canvases, bookmaking etc.
  • Bigger things like frames, canvas rolls, sewing machine, drum carder etc.

Then I need wall space for:

Not to mention all the ideas I get from the magazine “Studios”. Yes, I torture myself reading such things…. I call it visualization. šŸ˜‰

This is a 3D image I did years and years ago of the office in our flat. I even had an equal room next door for a studio, but at the time computers was the thing. And myself with the wacom tablet.
1970’s style šŸ˜‰

In the mean time I guess I have to live with a corner of the kitchen for an office, library and stash, a corner of the guest room (no it’s not big enough for a studio in any which way) for stash and the dining table for crafts. Our kitchen counter is really small and fortunately old and worn, because dye does get spilled… But cooking and dyeing and doing the dishes clash very often.

I’ve perhaps scored a piece of wall currently occupied by my husband’s entertainment center (great big tv). Turn it around, turn the sofa = added bonus we can see the fireplace from the sofa and I get a place to hang canvases. Yes, I’ll splotch the walls, but at the rate that we’re not entertaining dinner guests I honestly don’t care. I live here every single day, and doing is so much more important than showing (off) in my humble opinion.

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