Many artists struggle with the technical side of online marketing, feeling overwhelmed by pixel dimensions, template settings and terms like SEO, CSS, URL.

With a work background in IT but an artist personality and lifestyle, I can help you bridge the gap and set you up with a simple website to present your work without breaking the bank with glossy PR solutions and complicated business strategies if you’re just starting out and testing the waters.

I offer to teach you and/or create a gallery on a number of platforms, working alongside you to figure out your needs through informal conversation. I ask the questions you may not have thought of and answer the ones you do have.

We’ll create a structure to get your information across with clear navigation, a suitable level of information, talk about dos and don’ts, find the best way for you to update your image gallery.

I can work for an hourly rate or a set project price as you feel most comfortable with. Contact me with your query and I’ll be in touch asap.