7/21 days – Colour palette

This could refer to the surface you mix your paint on, or groups of colours that you feel go well together. I use paper plates or a couple of plexiglas/perspex squares, one gets thrown out, the other gets scraped off, so that’s quite dull to talk about, let’s move on to colour, my favourite stimulant. (I do admit to sometimes saving a plate for a little while if it has a good combo, but mostly I throw them out when they get too bumpy)
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6/21 days – Current challenge

Uhoh – this could end up as a very long blog post! Tara’s prompt reads like this: Something that’s currently testing you, causing you trouble, or otherwise bugging you about your work.
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5/21 days – Favourite tool

Ok, this should be easy for a change (as long as I forego showing you my looms, spinning wheel, drumcarder, drill press just to mention a few). My favourite painting tool used to be foam brushes,
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4/21 days – Art book

I wondered before the prompt (don’t I always) what Tara meant by today’s title? An art book I love to look at, learn from, or a book of my own art, a journal, a sketchbook, a book as an art object in itself?
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3/21 days – Latest WIP

What does she mean, latest WIP?! Who on earth has just one or even two, three, fewer than 10? What about all the ones in my head!? I can see I’m just not going to have it easy with this challenge, overall. 😉
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