Open Studios

I promised I’d begin my “new” blog by telling you about the event I participated in this November. (photos at the end)

About 2 months before, an art community that I subscribe to suddenly decided we should all do this together, set the date for mid-November, wham. Er, um, whut? I’m not ready for that. I don’t have the space to do that. I live out in the middle of nowhere and it will be dark and cold. I don’t have enough paintings to show. They’re not good enough. I don’t want strangers in my house! I also don’t want nosy neighbours from the next village in my house. There’s not enough time! I had other plans, I just want to finish my paint project.

But in the end I enlisted anyway. Just to see what would happen, to my stress levels, my self confidence, my work speed, my sense of privacy. What happens if you don’t wait until you’re perfect and ready? If chances arrive and you don’t take them, will they come back?

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Art** give-away!


Since this is my 500th post, and I’ve rounded both 500 subscribers (followers sounds like I’m some sort of guru), 5000 comments, a 50th birthday, and 60,000 views this summer, and the fact that despite uncomfortable interruptions I am indeed sometimes painting again after more than 20 years not, I thought we would have a fun little competition. Or we could celebrate that my ponies have been shedding their summer coats since the end of July, promising a long and cold winter perfect for indoor crafting. Incidentally, today it’s also my mum’s birthday, so let’s celebrate her too. Læs videre “Art** give-away!”

A tiny frost

Just visiting for a few days before the gloom and rain descends on us again. Forecast says snow tonight, so if I’m lucky perhaps a little photosession tomorrow before it’s gone.

It’s dawn just now, lovely pinks (and me in my jammies, not going out!) and somebody is shooting heavy fireworks nearby, nothing to see, just boom, crack, bang. Geez people! At least the dog won’t be terrified this time.

Shrooms in a hurry

While the unusual abundance of various mushrooms was at its peak this October, I was of course in bed fainting couch with pneumonia, then dizzy from the antibiotics (I hope), so after a light sprinkle of frost last night I rushed out into the sunny, quiet day to check on a few local specimens.

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