Foggy morning season (warm days, cold nights) is coming to an end and it’s just allround chilly. The woodstove AND sometimes the studio space heater are running most of the day, I’m remembering that summer should have been the season for knitting more woolen socks.

I was gifted completely new flooring for the upstairs, much needed as replacement for dingy old carpets. Problem: I now have to paint the walls first or it wouldn’t make any sense. I can’t believe yet again I put myself in a position of less studio time! I do the work in tiny little bits, but much sitting time is required as a result. Room one nearly done, two to go – with much shuffling of stuff in between since hauling everything downstairs on bendy stairs and then living in the piles for weeks would also be exhausting.

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“Weather” report

This post was initially created in April – edited a month later – and then, and then… I’m feeling like I should have been miles away by now, had I continued to work; so I still need to program a mindset to be accepting of this situation of forced headache breaks etc. As well as get back on the horse with my focus keyword perhaps! (actually, sometimes a break isn’t all that bad, many things tend to work in an ebb and flow motion. Can one possibly sync the inside breaks with the outside ones?!)

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